The tastiest Sicily,
to squeeze or taste.


The Sicilian essence to enjoy.


The blond citrus fruit that everyone loves.


A little concentrate of taste and health.

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The grape

Crisp berries, brilliant colours, unique taste nuances.
The most popular Sicilian grape, from the field to your table.

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With over 20 varieties, we have the richest offer in Sicily of seedless grapes

CrescoSano® Protocol

Innovation and sustainability. Discover our 5-step protocol that focuses on fruit and crop excellence.

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I bring the taste of Sicily to the world

Every beginning is a seed. A single tree that, today, has branches pointing to the skies of the world.

A company now in its third generation: 600 employees, thousands of cultivated hectares and many passionate people, both customers and employees, who demand quality in return for trust. Values I believe in. I put my name on them.

Giuseppe Auteri

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The fields


400 hectares dedicated
to the cultivation of grapes


More than 700 hectares dedicated
the cultivation of oranges

Auteri’s brands in the world

Certified excellence

With our BIO products, goodness is an absolute value.

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