CrescoSano® Protocol

We aim for excellence in fruit and crops

We have developed a point protocol that has the mission to be sustainable for the environment and the people who work there. By focusing on innovation and sustainability we can guarantee you the best: strong, healthy and good products that you will really enjoy. The same pleasure we have of cultivating.


Centralised irrigation systems

Thus, we reduce water waste, optimise irrigation and safeguard a precious resource for the environment by using only what is needed.

Organic integrated pest management

To drastically reduce pesticides and defend crops in a more sustainable, natural, good way. Like the products we grow.

Sexual Confusion

A natural method of preventing pests from attacking and damaging plants. With sexual confusion, a pheromone is spread that prevents the female insect from being located by the male. Less fertilisation, fewer larvae.

Grassing technique

By covering the soil with a herbaceous cover, we protect its structure and reduce weeds and soil loss. A new, effective and environmentally friendly method of control.

Weather stations

Technology and maximum control of the climate and natural conditions of our soils. In this way we monitor important parameters such as humidity and are able to irrigate without waste.

Certified excellence

With our BIO products, goodness is an absolute value.

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